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Offering Hearing Loss
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Ohio Hearing Professionals in Tiffin and Willard, Ohio

Helping Patients Take Measures to Stop Hearing Loss from Happening

Contact Ohio Hearing Professionals for hearing loss prevention services in Northern Ohio. We provide ear cleaning among other services to keep potential hearing losses at bay. If you have general questions, feel free to contact us online. For an appointment in Tiffin call (419) 443-0710 or call (419) 933-4327 for one in Willard.

A Few Easy Ways Patients Can Prevent Hearing Loss At Home and Work

No matter your age, there are a modicum of easy measures you can take to prevent hearing loss. At home or in the workplace, stay away from loud noises, or protect ears with devices like plugs or muffs. A noise is generally loud enough to contribute to hearing loss if:
  • • You have to raise your voice to communicate
  • • It causes your ears pain
  • • It results in ringing in your ears or muffled hearing

Avoid Chemical Exposure When Possible to Prevent Hearing Loss

Also, long-term exposure to certain solvents, varnishes, and other chemicals can contribute to hearing loss. Benzene, styrene, trichloroethylene, toluene, xylene, and both carbon monoxide and disulfide can cause problems with hearing and balance. Understandably, avoidance of these chemicals may not be feasible, but stay protected, especially if regularly exposed to them.
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A Healthier Lifestyle Contributes to Hearing Health, Too

Your hearing is just as essential as any other aspect of your physiology. The CDC linked hearing loss with cognitive (mental) decline, heart problems, and depression. Managing your overall mental and physical health with moderate exercise can help. Quitting smoking and vaping, and limiting alcohol consumption will help in hearing loss prevention.

Ohio Hearing Professionals Provides Hearing Loss Prevention Services

Unfortunately, sometimes peoples’ best efforts to prevent hearing loss ultimately fail. No worries! Ohio Hearing Professionals can help treat many forms of hearing loss, including providing tinnitus care management. We have built a reliable practice since 2006. Our audioprosthologist serves at both locations. Whether at our Tiffin or Willard, Ohio, office, we provide free evaluations plus:

Prevent Hearing Loss in Fostoria, Bellevue, Fremont, & Surrounding Areas

Both of our offices are accepting new patients from:
  • Willard, Ohio
  • Tiffin, Ohio
  • Bellevue, Ohio
  • Norwalk, Ohio
  • Fremont, Ohio
  • Greenwich, Ohio
  • Milan, Ohio
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  • New London, Ohio
  • North Fairfield, Ohio
  • Plymouth, Ohio
  • Wakeman, Ohio
  • Fostoria, Ohio
  • Attica, Ohio
  • Bettsville, Ohio
  • Bloomville, Ohio
  • Green Springs, Ohio
  • New Riegel, Ohio
  • Republic, Ohio
  • …and Surrounding Areas.

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