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Ohio Hearing Professionals Offers In-Ear and Behind-Ear

Ohio Hearing Professionals Provides the Very Latest Technology, Products, and a Variety of Services

Come to Ohio Hearing Professionals for a variety of hearing aids in Tiffin and Willard, OH. Contact us online or call us at (419) 443-0710 or (419) 933-4327 for more on our products. We offer devices from reliable brands and established companies, like Unitron, Oticon, and more. We offer same day fitting for some and also a wide variety of custom ITE products. Consider a flex trial/demo pair of hearing devices to try before you buy. We offer a 30-day guarantee period with 100 percent money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied. The hearing devices we offer, come in assorted colors to make them as unique as you. Unitron and Oticon ™ manufactures state-of-the-art devices. We also service or repair most hearing device brands.

Customized Hearing Devices in Many Colors with Innovative Technology

At Ohio Hearing Professionals, we provide both custom “in the ear” and “behind the ear” hearing aids. Both types have different levels of technology to help patients hear sound in many situations. Enjoy a dinner out, a coffee date with friends, time with kids and grandchildren, telephone conversations, and business meetings.
The hearing devices we have also come in assorted colors to make them as unique as you. Unitron™ and Oticon ™ manufacture our state-of-the-art devices. We can also service most device brands.

Cutting Edge Hearing Aids Available from Unitron-Moxi Blu

Moxi Blu hearing aids make listening easy and seamless. These one-of-a-kind hearing devices automatically adjust to your listening area, as if you had no device at all. The hearing aid enhances what you want to hear while diminishing ambient sounds. There are several models of Moxi-Blu. Moxi B-RT has telecoil with direct connectivity, and is rechargeable. This aid also comes equipped for looping systems.
  • • Moxi B-RT has telecoil and direct connectivity and is rechargeable.
  • • Moxi B-R is also rechargeable with direct connectivity and is Unitron’s smallest lithium-ion.
  • • Moxi B-312 has a traditional 312 disposable battery; it is Unitron’s smallest receiver-in-canal (RIC) with direct connectivity.
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“I work at a job where accuracy is extremely important. I feel very confident that I am not missing any information that would impact others. I am very happy with my decision to get hearing aids!”
– Sharon P.

Hearing Devices with State-of-the-Art Technology by Oticon OPN MORE

When you take care of your brain, your brain takes care of you. Oticon More with BrainHearing™ technology is a groundbreaking hearing device. This state-of-the-art hearing aid delivers a patient’s brain more information needed to make better sense of sounds. In doing so, patients receive improved speech comprehension with less effort. This improvement enhances a patient’s ability to remember more. Oticon More with BrainHearing™ technology:
  • • ‌ Delivers 30 percent more sound to the brain
  • • ‌ Increases speech understanding by 15 percent
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Hearing Aid Sales and More in Tiffin, Willard, and Surrounding Areas

Perhaps you are not sure if a hearing device is necessary for your particular issue. Consider taking our online hearing test to be sure. It is possible all you need is a good ear cleaning. Maybe you have tinnitus or your hearing aid needs repair. Wherever you are in your hearing loss prevention and treatment journey, the team at Ohio Hearing Professionals can help. Contact us in Tiffin and Willard for a free hearing evaluation and to schedule an affordable hearing test. Our audioprosthologist works in both our Tiffin and Willard, Ohio, offices, and serves patients who live in:
  • Willard, Ohio
  • Tiffin, Ohio
  • Bellevue, Ohio
  • Norwalk, Ohio
  • Fremont, Ohio
  • Greenwich, Ohio
  • Milan, Ohio
  • Monroeville, Ohio
  • New London, Ohio
  • North Fairfield, Ohio
  • Plymouth, Ohio
  • Wakeman, Ohio
  • Fostoria, Ohio
  • Attica, Ohio
  • Bettsville, Ohio
  • Bloomville, Ohio
  • Green Springs, Ohio
  • New Riegel, Ohio
  • Republic, Ohio
  • …and Surrounding Areas.

Choose from a
variety of hearing aids

in Tiffin and Willard, Ohio.